Team News

Anna earns NSDA's Academic All-American Award!

Congratulations Anna Sundheim on earning the prestigious NSDA Academic All-American Award. The Academic All American award recognizes high school students who have earned the degree of Superior Distinction (750 points); completed at least five semesters of high school; demonstrated outstanding character and leadership; and earned a GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent). Less than 2% of speech and debate competitors earn this prestigious award! Anna blew past most of the criteria for this award, and it is an honor and privilege to coach such an exceptional student in speech and debate. She is the third student in Loveland High School history to achieve this fantastic award. She continues the tradition of sharing her success with a cupcake.

Anna Reaches 1500 NSDA Honor Society Points!

Anna has a few celebrations this week. The first is that she has reached the Premier Distinction level in the NSDA Honor Society. To reach that level, especially as early as she did shows a level of excellence and commitment to Speech and Debate.

Since she was the first, she got to choose the celebration that hopefully becomes a tradition, a Premier Pinada! I got a Minecraft pinata since that is a source of discussion and debate with the team and I filled it will only strawberry candy since that is her favorite flavor.

Coach D earns 2021 NSDA District Leader Commendation

District chairpersons nominate leaders for their outstanding service and contributions to the speech and debate community. The National Office evaluates those nominations for awards. Coach D was recognized at the 2021 National Tournament for earning a District Leader Commendation Award. Below is the nominating text:

Patrick DeMartine is the reason tournaments run in Northern Colorado. Whether it be presenting at CHSAA Coaching Conference on how to effectively utilize Tabroom, pairing rounds on Saturday speech and debate tournaments, or simply helping judges understand how to correctly render a decision, Pat DeMartine is your person.

He selflessly gives of himself as a resource and guide for hosting and tabbing tournaments for coaches every weekend a tournament runs in our district. He has spent countless hours setting up invitationals to serve the students of Northern Colorado, many of whom would not otherwise have had opportunities and access to compete. Pat is an eternally optimistic, thoughtful, and ultimately kind presence as he guides new and seasoned coaches alike into the brave new world of online tournaments. There is not a tournament in the district that did not run due to his commitment and love of the activity.

Without his guidance, help, and can-do attitude our district would have suffered severely. It is people like Patrick DeMartine who embody the NSDA's values of service and hard work. His spirit of service radiates through his own speech program, and his alumni are often the ones who pick up extra rounds of judging. Every. Single. Saturday.

Pat is an excellent coach, brilliant communicator, and thoughtful leader in our community. We would be lost without him. Please consider him for a National Commendation. In our estimation, he has already earned this award.

Seth Wilden
District Chair
NSDA Rocky Mountain North District

Loveland HS Attends 10th National Tournament

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you that the 2021 National Speech & Debate Tournament marked the 10th time Loveland High School attended the tournament. It is a tremendous thing to attend the National Tournament once and a truly outstanding achievement to attend 10 times. Few schools can claim such an accomplishment.

It is only through the support and dedication of advisors and administrators that an achievement like this is possible. Your program’s dedication to speech and debate activities is evident and your support of the activity is greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything that you do to empower students at Loveland High School through speech and debate. We hope for many more years of you and your school’s involvement in our community.

J. Scott Wunn
Executive Director
National Speech and Debate Association

Coach GS earns the District Volunteer of the Year Award for 20-21

The District Volunteer of the Year Award showcases individuals who have given extraordinary time and talents to the mission of meaningfully involving more students in speech and debate. Below is the winning nomination submission:

I would like to nominate Everett Graves-Swinney for volunteer of the year for the district. Everett found my program last year and I have been grateful ever since. It isn't every day a two-time national qualifier asks if he can help coach the students. He has been amazing working with the students in debate and extemp creating a competitive edge for Loveland where we didn't have one previously. He has been truely selfless with his incredibly valuable time.

Everett has judged every weekend and we are lucky to have him week in and out regardless if we have enough judges or not. Having such an experienced judge who is willing to judge everything while providing top-notch feedback on what to improve has been a source of pride in what we can offer the district.

Alex DeMartine earns the District Alumni Award for 20-21

The District Alumni Achievement Award showcases a speech and debate alumni from the district who has utilized their speech and debate talents to achieve success for the speech and debate community. Below is the winning nomination submission:

I would like to nominate Alex DeMartine. He has been instrumental to our Northern Colorado community in several ways. First, he has judged every weekend in just about every round. He has always taken rounds when most judges are setting availability to be very limited. From a Loveland perspective, he has allowed our students to double-enter and beyond so that our students are able to participate well past single or double events. Many schools really enjoy Alex's thorough feedback and style which makes speech and debate even more enjoyable.

Beyond judging, Alex has helped coach the Loveland squad. I could not have made it through the season without him. He took over the PF and LD debate teams and really helped them grow. So much so that he got our freshman team to be competitive with the best teams in the district. Getting them to qualify for State and Almost into elimination round at Nat Quals. He got a first-year LD debater to qualify for State and competitive at Districts. His presence has kept our team together and I am very thankful that he helped every week. He would answer questions and help at any hour and any day they needed him.

Coach D elected Rocky Mountain North District Chair for 21-23

District chairpersons are elected by the coaches from the district with a ranked-choice vote. District chairpersons serve a two-year term where the primary responsibility is to run the district qualifiers for the annual National Tournament and to advocate and nurture the academic activity of speech and debate for all students and schools in the district. District leaders play a very important role in shaping the success of speech and debate in your community and across the country. As a local representative of the Association, you have the unique opportunity to connect, support, and inspire local students, coaches, and community members to strengthen your district.

Loveland HS Qualifies 5 Students to 2021 National Tournament

Loveland High School is proud to announce that Caitlin Tapia, Anna Sundheim, Emma Balwin, Aiden Hurst, and Ramona Edwards qualified to the National Speech and Debate Association’s National Tournament. Only 1% of National Speech and Debate Association members qualify for the tournament, which is the pinnacle of competitive public speaking.

More than 6,000 students from 1,200 schools are expected to compete at the 2021 National Speech and Debate Tournament. The tournament offers 22 different competitive events in debate, acting, and other public speaking events. More than $150,000 in scholarships will be awarded to students

Since 1925, the National Speech & Debate Association has been recognizing student and coach achievements in speech and debate. The National Tournament is one of the ways this is done, by allowing students from across the country to compete in a week-long competition that emphasizes excellence, academic achievement, advocacy, as well as fostering future leaders.

Loveland HS Qualifies 7 Students to 2021 State 5A Tournament

Loveland High School is proud to announce that Caitlin Tapia, Anna Sundheim, Emma Balwin, Aiden Hurst, Alice Bradley, Chloe Domago, and Ramona Edwards qualified to the Colorado High School Activities Association’s 5A State Tournament. Less than 10% of speech and debate students in the state qualify for the tournament, which has the largest, most competitive schools in the state.